10 Iconic British Snacks Every American Must Try.

If you know someone that’s from the UK or if you’ve ever been there yourself, you know they have some awesome snacks. Most of them are very different than what we’re familiar with in the US.

While we were doing our research for the July SnackCrate, we found 16 snacks that are simply smashing. We ended up getting them for the July crate. With this in mind, we’ve narrowed that list even further to the 10 most iconic snacks and candy from the UK.

10. Frazzles Everyone loves bacon right? Right. Not only are these famous crisps shaped like bacon but they taste exactly like the real thing.



9. Wham Bars These things are SUPER chewy. The best way to describe them is an Airhead with Nerds stuck in it.


8. Jelly Babies Made famous by Tom Bakers Dr. Who, these candies are a favorite of British grandmothers everywhere. Different from most gummy candies, these are more like a condensed jam in the middle.


7. Wine Gums Strangely, these taste nothing like wine and they aren’t gum either. Nor can they get you drunk. Each flavor is named after a different type of wine, but taste like fruit? Despite the branding weirdness, this candy is awesome. They are made of starch rather than gelatin so they hold their flavor for a long time.



6. Hobnobs These are crunchy oat “biscuits” with a chocolate coating. Perfect with Tea, Ice Cream, and more Hobnobs…. 


5. Crunchie This candy bar has a crispy chewy honeycomb center thats covered in cadbury chocolate.



4. Maltesers The malt ball to end all malt balls. Each one is inspected by the queen herself. (OK, maybe not)


3. Sherbet Fountain Sherbet takes on a different meaning in the UK. Rather than a cold ice cream like treat, Sherbet Fountains are like a fizzy Fun-Dip. Each tube comes complete with a licorice dipping stick.



2. Irn Bru Brewed in Scotland since 1901, this orange colored soda outsells Coke and Pepsi in the UK. The maker even claims one of the ingredients is Iron! 



1. Double Decker Far and away this was our favorite of all the British snacks we tried. This two layer Cadbury chocolate bar has crispy cereal bits on the bottom and fluffy nougat on the top.


Get all of these snacks and a lot more in the July SnackCrate.


BONUS Here’s the host of Anglophenia – Siobhan Thompson, giving her take on the best British candy has to offer.

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