Exploring the World of German Snacks.

If you’ve ever been to Germany, then you know they have some awesome food. A good portion of things that Americans eat every day were invented in Germany. The same holds true for snacks!

While we were doing our research for the August SnackCrate, we found 10 snacks that make us want to scream JFK’s famous words “ich bin ein berliner!” or “I am a jelly donut!” 

10. Leibniz These iconic cookies (called “Butterkeks” in German), are named after the Mathematician who invented Calculus.



9. Erdnuß Locken These corn puffs are similar to Cheetos but are peanut flavored. It’s strange because they are sweet – not salty like most American chips.



8. Ahoj Fizzy Powder Similar to fun dip, this german version takes it up a notch. Not only can you eat it out of the pouch but you can also pour it into a glass of cold water and make a refreshing soda!



7. Yogurette This is a strawberry yogurt filled chocolate bar. Easily one of the most missed items from Germans living abroad. Best when served cold. Fantastic when melted in crepes.



6. Knoppers A waffle sandwich with two layers of nougat and milk creme. Eaten by Germans as a breakfast snack at half past nine. There’s a saying in Germany, “Mornings at half past nine everything in the world is fine.”



5. Sipahh These are amazing. Sipahh are plastic straws filled with flavored beads. When used, the beads flavor the Milk!


Gbr Product-1 ChocMint



4. Hanuta A hazelnut sandwich with a thick Nutella-like layer of hazelnut spread between two crispy wafers.



3. Ritter Sport These fantastic chocolate bars are known for their seemingly infinite number of flavors: honey, cookie, cappuccino, marzipan, coconut and even cornflakes just to name a few.




2. Kinder Bueno Invented for the German market it 1990. This creme filled chocolate bar has become famous all over the world. 



1. Haribo No list of German snacks would be complete without what is Germany’s most famous export. Haribo literally invented the gummy candy in 1922. They now have over 50 varieties that are enjoyed around the world.


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