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Denmark Box ships This Month

This Denmark box is big enough to share with friends. Denmark Box ships free worldwide.



SnackCrate Denmark

  • 5-6 Full Sized Snacks
  • Half Pound of Snacks
  • Free Shipping
  • This box ships free every month.
  • You've got a 5% discount.*
  • Add upgrades anytime.
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What’s Inside

(Imported Exclusively By SnackCrate)

Snack Chips

These ridged crackers are dusted with plenty of savory spice in each bite. We have a feeling you won’t be able to put these snack chips down!

Skum bananer

A fruity, banana-flavored marshmallow coated in decadent dark chocolate. Weirdly addictive!


A cone-shaped corn snack wrapped in creamy milk chocolate. The best of sweet and salty!