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Sit by the fire and enjoy a limited edition SnackCrate full of our favorite holiday treats from around the world.

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Delicious deals from ever corner of the globe!

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Explore the wonderful creations of Britain’s infamous chocolatier.

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Cookies and Cakes ?

Ditch the oven for your pastry-lovin’; from our pantry to yours, a selection of baked delights that’re completely out-of-sight!

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It looks like Haribo and Friends are having a party, and you’re invited! If you’re dedicated to all things nummy and gummy, this is the box for you!

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Savory Selections ?

Dive into a selection of our favorite salty snacks from around the world.

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Chocolate Lovers ?

Explore the best chocolate items curated from around the world.

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Aloha! This tropical SnackCrate features the snacks of the 50th state. Flavors such as Kona Coffee, Pineapple, and Li Hing Mui abound as well as snacks influenced by Japan, China and the Pacific Islands.

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Drop the flaps on your ushanka! We trekked through the Siberian wilderness, fended off wild bears, and hydrated with vodka in order to bring you the best snacks the Motherland has to offer! A few of our favorite items include Soviet Alyonka chocolate, salmon flavored croutons, and fresh-baked gingerbread with a yummy fruit filling.

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A classic snacking favorite of ours is the sweet and savory flavors found in Korea. From Choco Pies to the traditional snacks and cookies, Korea has something to offer everyone.

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United Kingdom

Bloody good snacks from the land of Big Ben and Queen Elizabeth herself. The home of the Original Cadbury chocolate.

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  • United Kingdom Popular Products

  • Wham (16g)



  • Lion (50g)



  • Juicy Chews (165g)




Gutentag! You can try a taste of the German culture in our favorite Haribo gummies, the infamous Bueno bar, and oh-so-traditional Leibniz cookies!

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Our brothers to the north know how to snack. Canadian flavors abound with Maple lollipops, All Dressed chips, and some gum that tastes like soap!

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