Germany SnackCrate box

Loosen up your lederhosen and treat yourself to a sweet and savory snack adventure from a country famous for great bread, better beer, and the best bratwursts!

Image for BiFi Original Carazza

BiFi Original Carazza

Calling all pizza lovers! This pocket-sized pizza has a soft dough surrounding a zesty combination of fresh tomato and cheese filling.

Image for Hanuta Kokao & Crispies

Hanuta Kokao & Crispies

A fresh spin on the classic, this unique variant offers a taste of crunchy cereal pieces paired with silky cocoa cream between two crispy waffles.

Image for Hitschies Schnüre

Hitschies Schnüre

The delicious flavors of these fruit gum laces will tie your tastebuds up with the fruity flavors of strawberry, apple, blue raspberry, and lemon.