Czechia SnackCrate box

If you're an adventurer looking for a new place to explore, or a snack lover looking for some delicious new treats to try, Czechia is worth checking out! With beautiful scenery and exciting history, there's something tasty for everyone in this little-known corner of the world.

Image for Mixle Pixle Kyselé

Mixle Pixle Kyselé

This mix of sour gummies consists of a random selection of more than 80 shapes, 7 flavors, and 4 jelly textures, leaving each bag uniquely different.

Image for Hořické Trubičky

Hořické Trubičky

This unique snack features thin and crispy hand-rolled baked wafers smeared with melted butter and honey and filled with sweet vanilla cream.

Image for Křupky Arašídové

Křupky Arašídové

A perfect blend of sweet and salty, this nutty and delicious puffed corn snack is made with crushed roasted peanuts, providing an extra crispy texture.