Egypt SnackCrate box

Embark on a tasty tour of one of the most mysterious destinations on the planet! We trekked through the desert sand and crossed the Nile river to bring you exotic flavors from a country with a vast cultural history that stems from roots older than time.

Image for Cono Fiery Cheese

Cono Fiery Cheese

Whether you stack them or snack them, these cone-shaped corn chips are dusted with a spicy cheese seasoning that will surely ignite your taste buds.

Image for Kit Kat Chunky Biscoff

Kit Kat Chunky Biscoff

This unique Kit Kat features a single, chunky wafer finger layered with the caramelized goodness of Biscoff Lotus pieces and covered in milk chocolate.

Image for Novy Bang Bites

Novy Bang Bites

Immerse yourself in a rich, chocolatey explosion of flavor when you crunch down on these bite-sized wafer snacks filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream.