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France, located in Western Europe, is a nation of remarkable natural landscapes, profound history, and a lively cultural scene. Within its borders, one can discover breathtaking scenery, iconic cathedrals, and partake in some of the most exquisite cuisine worldwide.

Your flavor adventure begins in France

Image for French Heritage. Simply Satisfying.

French Heritage. Simply Satisfying.

The Petit Écolier or “little student,” is a classic French Snack dating back to the 1880's featuring a rich buttery cookie base topped with a smooth milk chocolate layer.

Image for Fancy French Flavor.

Fancy French Flavor.

A classic ridge textured chip with an elevated flavor profile of goat cheese and pepper. The luxurious cloud of goat cheese flavor mixed with the unique Espelette pepper adds the perfect touch of smoky heat to create this highly rated savory snack.

Image for France + crêpe need we say more

France + crêpe need we say more

The quintessential French crêpe, dried to crispy perfection and enrobed in silky smooth milk chocolate. These have been around for over 100 years and the Gavottes Crêpes Chocolat are a standout in France because of the high-quality ingredients and their unique texture. This one is a SnackCrate staple!

Image for A True French Masterpiece

A True French Masterpiece

Our France Crate will give you an authentic handpicked snack mix of 10 to 12 snacks that will transport you to France when you open it. Each snack is exclusively imported by SnackCrate, ensuring a genuine taste experience of France's unique snacks.

Over 7,000,000 Crates Shipped.

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Zoe Snowbell

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Love getting this and sitting down as a family. Learning about the country and trying all the snacks!! Great family time


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We love opening our box every month! I'm actually coming to the website right now to see how I upgrade to premium.

K Pulv

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One of our favorite subscriptions I’m not ashamed to pay for lol. Come on Poland, we can’t wait to try you out!!

Melissa Solomon

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