Philippines SnackCrate box

We are boating, swimming, and hopping through the 7,641 islands of The Philippines to bring you the unique snacks of this tropical paradise. Enjoy flavors like sweet purple Ube, savory and tangy Adobo, and so many more.

Image for Oishi Pillows Chocolate

Oishi Pillows Chocolate

Made with the choco aficionado in mind, these crisp and dreamy pillow-shaped crackers are filled with an extra rich and creamy chocolate filling.

Image for Cloud9 Classic

Cloud9 Classic

Give your mouth a blissful taste of snack heaven with a delicious blend of caramel, crunchy peanuts, and soft nougat wrapped in rich milk chocolate.

Image for  Cebu Dried Mangoes

Cebu Dried Mangoes

Made with the finest mangoes grown in the Cebu province, these dried fruit chips provide a sweet and luscious taste of fresh mango with every bite.