Poland SnackCrate box

Venture to this modern central European nation via a bright blue box, and uncover the charming flavors of a country inspired by many years of rich history, customs, and traditions!

Image for Jeżyki Classic

Jeżyki Classic

This crunchy cookie bar layers caramel, hazelnuts, and crispy rice, all coated in creamy milk chocolate to satisfy even your most intense cravings.

Image for Wypiekarnia Bajgle

Wypiekarnia Bajgle

Both nutritious and delicious, these pretzel crackers are topped with sesame, chia, and flax seeds and sprinkled with a flurry of provencal herbs.

Image for Princessa Zebra

Princessa Zebra

The perfect combination of milk and chocolate in every bite, this tasty treat features crisp chocolate wafers held together by a sweet milk cream