Portugal SnackCrate box

Looking for a flavorful way to experience Portugal? Look no further! This collection of snacks from the country's most famous regions will give you a delicious taste of the historically rich culture of Europe's oldest nation.

Image for Torrão Nougat

Torrão Nougat

This Portuguese specialty is made with crushed peanuts and caramelized sugar, resulting in a wildly addictive sweet and crunchy snack.

Image for Lay's Campesinas

Lay's Campesinas

Made with only the finest ingredients, these light, crispy, and slightly sweet potato chips are flavored with fresh vegetables from Avo's garden.

Image for Haribo Spaghetti

Haribo Spaghetti

Treat your taste buds to one bite of these sweet and sour strawberry gummy strands, and it will be im-pastable not to eat the whole bag.