Turkey SnackCrate box

Between the richness of history in Istanbul, the hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia, and the stunning architecture, it’s no wonder that Turkey has some of the best snacks in the world.

Image for Albeni Bar

Albeni Bar

A popular favorite of Turkish children and adults, this sweet and crunchy biscuit bar is covered in caramel and then dipped in rich milk chocolate.

Image for Krispi Ketçap & Mayonez

Krispi Ketçap & Mayonez

A unique mixture of zesty ketchup and creamy mayonnaise combine to give these crispy potato sticks an undeniable flavor worth savoring.

Image for Bebeto Super Belts

Bebeto Super Belts

Bright and intensely sour rainbow gummy ribbons packed with a mouth-watering burst of wildly fun and super fruity flavors.