Vietnam SnackCrate box

The Vietnam SnackCrate is a curated collection of authentic south asian snacks, offering a delectable journey through the country's rich flavors and textures, from zesty to sweet. Each box provides a unique gateway to Vietnam's vibrant street food culture and beloved culinary traditions.

Your flavor adventure begins in Vietnam

Image for Familiar Brands, Exotic Flavors.

Familiar Brands, Exotic Flavors.

Don’t let the name scare ya, these Lay’s Lobster with Golden Salted Egg Sauce crisps are a surprisingly popular favorite among our snackers. These ridge textured chips have a subtle seafood flavor and aroma with a sweet buttery kick.

Image for Sippin on Sarsi.

Sippin on Sarsi.

Fanta Sarsi is a distinctively aromatic soft drink with a taste similar to root beer. The soda gets its name from the sarsaparilla plant which is native to Southeast Asia. This intriguing Asian variant of Fanta offers a delightful carbonated twist on a classic flavor by blending a unique combination of sweet, herbal, and slightly bitter notes.

Image for Mentos Yoghurt

Mentos Yoghurt

Experience the initial crunch of the famous Mentos candy shell, followed by the creamy, yogurt-infused center with strawberry and peach flavors.

Image for Cadbury Oreo Pie

Cadbury Oreo Pie

Cadbury coated Oreos? C’mon! Strawberry marshmallow sandwiched by layers of Oreo pie and dunked in a deep, rich, famous Cadbury chocolate coating.

Image for From Hanoi to Your Home.

From Hanoi to Your Home.

The Vietnam SnackCrate brings an authentic array of Vietnamese snacking directly to you, with a handpicked assortment of 10-12 exotic treats that capture the vibrant flavors and culinary creativity of the region. Each snack is exclusively imported for SnackCrate, ensuring a genuine taste experience of Vietnam's unique food culture in every bite.

Over 7,000,000 Crates Shipped.

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Zoe Snowbell

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Love getting this and sitting down as a family. Learning about the country and trying all the snacks!! Great family time


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We love opening our box every month! I'm actually coming to the website right now to see how I upgrade to premium.

K Pulv

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One of our favorite subscriptions I’m not ashamed to pay for lol. Come on Poland, we can’t wait to try you out!!

Melissa Solomon

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